📢🎮 Calling all gamers! Prepare for the ultimate gaming challenge with our new Looper Tournaments! 🏆🚀

If you're seeking an adrenaline-pumping competitive event that allows you to push your limits and maximize your chances of victory, look no further. Our Looper Tournaments are designed to take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

What is a Looper tournament?

A looper tournament is a type of competitive event where players have the opportunity to participate multiple times within a given timeframe. Unlike traditional tournaments, looper tournaments reset after each round of play. This allows players to re-enter the tournament, compete and win prizes again.


How do Looper tournaments work?

  • Each looper tournament has a predefined number of participants. This can be seen in the tournament details section.
  • Upon paying the entry fee, players are granted one attempt to achieve the highest score possible. The better the performance, the higher the chances of earning rewards.
  • Once all participants have completed their matches, the payouts are distributed to the winners accordingly. After this, the tournament resets, allowing all players to participate again, and a new leaderboard is generated for the next round.
  • Players can participate in the looper tournament as many times as they wish, as long as the number of participants reaches the quota. The tournament will continue to payout and reset multiple times until the set end date, providing ample opportunities for players to improve their standings and grab the top prizes!


So, if you're up for the challenge, check our Tournaments Page, find a looper tournament and start competing!

Good luck and have fun!