A new VIP Tournament event is starting! Win 100 G even if you scored 4th or 5th place!

■ Campaign period

May 16 at 05:00 to May 23 at 02:59 (UTC)

■ Campaign details

During the Campaign, Managers that participate in the VIP Tournament and score 4th or 5th place will receive the same prize as the 3rd place. The day reset at 0:00 UTC, and you can receive this benefit up to three times each day.

■ Notes

- The entry fee for the VIP Tournament during this campaign is 300 G, and the special regulation is "5 or more NFT players".

- The VIP Tournament will be held six times a day, on a 4 hour cycle. Managers can participate as much as they want, but will only receive the benefit of this Campaign three times a day.

- The G rewards will be given through the game mail.