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Skill Gaming - Game Changer

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Nov 29, 20236 minute read

Welcome back to another Game Changer blog! Today we will talk more about the Skill Gaming titles available in our website.


If you’re checking out this site, you’re probably looking for a challenge. Not the kind of challenge you get from any run-of-the-mill online arcade, but a challenge that takes familiar gamer skills and pushes them to the next level. Maybe even one that rewards your growth and competitive spirit in real crypto rewards. This is titled: Skill Gaming

That’s what we do here at Game Changer. We pride ourselves on our creative takes on classic games, thoughtful Web3 structure, and our community that drives us to continue to innovate and create new and exciting Skill Gaming experiences. We’re still in the process of growing, but for those hardcore gamers out there who are looking for the toughest games to test their mettle in, we wanted to highlight a handful of games we’ve released so far that have given us and many members of the Game Changer community a run for their money. 


So join us as we check out a few of our favorite Skill Gaming titles on the website, and stick around till the end for some helpful tips on how to amplify your Game Changer experience. 



He’s even wearing sunglasses… so cool! (Image Source:

He’s even wearing sunglasses… so cool! (Image Source:


In the movies, hackers are portrayed as masterminds with multiple monitors, insane typing skills, and a general distaste for the status quo. In short, they’re really cool.


Hacking probably doesn’t look like that in real life, but wouldn’t it be cool to have the ultra-fast eyes and fingers of a movie hacker in real life? We think so, and that’s partly why we created Hacktopus. 


Hacktopus is a fast game that will test your mastery over your keyboard in lightning-quick mini-games that get progressively more difficult. You play as the titular hacker octopus who uses their eight arms to tackle different tasks to build up points. If you bomb your first few runs, don’t stress it. Nobody is a hacktopus on their first try!


Run through the Hacktopus tutorial a few times to get the rhythm of the game’s mechanics, that will be the best way to have a fighting chance against the Hacktopus pros in the Game Changer community.


Parry Boy

This guy will test your reflexes better than just about anything else. (Image Source:

This guy will test your reflexes better than just about anything else. (Image Source:


If you’re a fan of modern action video games, you’re probably familiar with what a parry is. Typically, you press the block button right before you take a hit, and you’ll deflect the attack and open your attacker up for big damage. 


You aren’t necessarily under attack in our own interpretation of that beloved system - Parry Boy - but the core concept remains the same: Hit the button at the right time to keep going.


It might sound easy, but this game… it’s tough, ya’ll.


Parry Boy doesn’t mess around, and if you don’t respect the process, you might just spend your time bashing your head against a wall. Finding the right timing to build up your streak is difficult, and jumping straight into tournaments is a surefire way to lose your hard-earned crypto. 


BUT, those who take the time to train and learn Parry Boy properly stand to reap some awesome USDC rewards.


Cube 2048

Blocks! Blocks everywhere! (Image Source:

Blocks! Blocks everywhere! (Image Source:


Do you remember that 2048 game that went viral a few years ago? Stack the numbers until you reach 2048? That game was cool and all, but it was only in 2D. 




That’s why we made Cube 2048 - the same 2048 gameplay you know and love with an added layer of strategy and skill thanks to an additional dimension. Launch numbered cubes at rows of oncoming boxes to build up your numbers, but be careful! Carelessly-launched cubes are liable to stack on top of other cubes, which can get you into a whole mess of trouble. 

Cube 2048 is a great example of a game that looks simple enough from the outside, but can get very mechanically and strategically dense in person. The Cube 2048 community within Game Changer is also filled with extremely competitive people, so anyone looking to break into it will have their work cut out for them.

But you’re a big tough gamer who can handle that, aren’t you?



Just how you remember on your classic Game Boy, but kicked up a notch. (Image Source:

Just how you remember on your classic Game Boy, but kicked up a notch. (Image Source:




That’s clearly what inspired our game, Stacks, but Game Changer titles are never straight copies of classic games. We always put an interesting twist on familiar concepts and mechanics, and Stacks is no different. 

Stacks has unique puzzle pieces, power-ups, and mechanics that keep things interesting the longer you play. But, given how quickly things can level up, you might not be playing for very long at first anyway…

Like all of our games, Stacks rewards our players not just with valuable USDC, but also skill. Once you’ve conquered the tutorial mode, see how you “stack” up against the rest of the community in Stacks tournaments. Your USDC won’t be easily won, but the sense of accomplishment that comes alongside that deposit is unmatched.

This was just a small selection of the games we host on Game Changer, and we always have more on the way! Make sure you check out our offerings regularly, because we’re always adding new tournaments with bigger prize pools. Just make sure you bring your A-game so you have the best chance to fill up your crypto wallet.

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