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Dive into the timeless world of Mahjong, a classic game that tests your strategy and puzzle-solving skills. With its origins in ancient China, Mahjong has captivated players worldwide with its intricate tiles and tactical gameplay.

Dive into Mahjong with a level that captures the essence of this beloved game. Focus and strategy are key as you match pairs of tiles to clear the board!

Now available on Game Changer, this version stays true to its roots, offering the classic tile-matching challenge you know and love, now accessible anytime, anywhere.

Getting Started

The objective of Mahjong is simple: match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board and clear it completely. However, you can only select tiles that are free on either the left or right side and are not covered by another tile.

Scoring: Match tiles to score points. Each pair you clear adds to your score. Aim to match tiles as efficiently as possible to maximize your points.

Time Bonus: The faster you clear the board, the higher your score. Finish quickly to earn a substantial time bonus, boosting your overall score.


Match your way through ancient mysteries to clear the board and master the art of Mahjong!

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Puzzle, Strategy
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