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Become an unstoppable force of destruction in "Rampager"! Step into the massive stone shoes of a powerful golem on a mission to demolish a towering building that uses materials from your homeland. Smash through floors, pulverize walls, and leave a trail of destruction in your wake. But watch out for the perilous balconies that pose a threat to your demolishing spree.

Test your reflexes and strategic skills as you navigate left and right, avoiding these treacherous obstacles. Stay sharp and make split-second decisions to survive and thrive in the midst of chaos. Grab power-ups to enhance your abilities and unleash even greater devastation. The clock is ticking, and the building trembles beneath your unstoppable force. It's time to become the ultimate "Rampager"!

Getting Started

Control the mighty golem with left/right arrows or A/D keys on your keyboard.

On mobile? Simply tap on each side of the screen to move.

The further you progress, the higher your score multiplier climbs!

Keep an eye on the Activity Bar – don't let it drop completely, or it's game over. To maintain your Activity, demolish the building swiftly.

Fill the Power bar to spawn random power-ups or power-downs, such as:

  • Double Points: Your way to make big scores, specially if your multiplier is high enough.
  • Armor: Gives the golem extra protection against one hit.
  • Activity Restore: Fill your Activity Bar.
  • Weaken: Makes harder to break the building.
  • Freeze: Freezes the golem.
  • Minus Points: Takes out a flat amount of points from your score.

How far goes your rampage? Play now!


Crush walls, avoid balconies, and unleash havoc as a powerful golem. Can you conquer the chaos?

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