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Welcome to Stacks, a thrilling twist on the classic puzzle-style gameplay that will keep you focused and wanting more! In this game the objective is clear: stack and clear as many lines as you can within the time limit. The clock is ticking, and your puzzle-solving skills are put to the test.

But don't think it's that easy! Stacks brings unique challenge with its power-ups and power-down mechanics. Make the best use of power-ups like '2x Points' to boost your score or 'Time Increase' to extend the clock. But beware of tricky power-downs, such as the 'Cursed Pieces' and 'Storm Pieces' that will make use of all your reflexes and strategies to be dealt with.

Get ready to stack, strategize, and clear lines like never before in 'Stacks.' Can you achieve the highest score and conquer the challenge against time? Try it now!

Getting Started

Ready to dive into Stacks? Learn all about how to play right here:

PC (Keyboard)

  • Left and Right Arrow Keys: Move the piece
  • Up Key: Rotates the piece
  • Down Key: Makes the piece drops faster
  • Spacebar: Instantly drops the piece
  • F Key: Hold one piece to be used later onYou can also click on the buttons on the gamepad on the screen if you want to.


  • Tap the buttons on the gamepad to play the game!
  • Left and Right: Move the piece
  • Down: Makes the piece drops faster
  • Rotate Button: Rotates the piece
  • Double Down Button: Instantly drops the piece
  • Hold Area: Tap to Hold a piece or use the one currently hold.

Become the master of puzzles in this new version of a classic beloved game.

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