Sweet Swap

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Embark on a sweet match-3 adventure in Sweet Swap! Swap and match colorful candies to clear the board and conquer a challenging level. With exciting power-ups and addictive gameplay, Sweet Swap offers a delightful puzzle experience that will satisfy your craving for fun!

Use power-ups to unleash explosive candy combos, clear entire rows or columns, and achieve higher scores. Strategize your moves wisely to overcome challenging obstacles and complete levels with the highest possible score.

Getting Started

To play Sweet Swap, simply swap adjacent candies to form lines of three or more of the same color. Match candies strategically to clear the board and complete levels.

Keep an eye out for special candies! When you align four candies in a row, you'll create a powerful striped candy that can eliminate entire columns or rows. Form a square with four candies, and two adorable gummy bears will burst out, clearing candies around them. For explosive results, arrange candies in an L or T formation to create a mighty explosive candy.

But that's not all! When you manage to match five candies, a magical color bomb will appear. This extraordinary candy has the power to remove all candies of the same color from the board, creating fantastic chain reactions.

On PC, simply drag and drop candies to swap them, while on mobile, use your finger to flick candies and create sensational combinations. Embrace the challenge, unleash the power of these fantastic candies, and embark on an exciting journey through the sweetest puzzles!

Sweet Swap

Swipe your way through a colorful adventure in this match-3 puzzle.

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Match 3
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